Excited to Announce

I am proud and excited to announce that I have partnered with EMSquared and the Hope Bar Project to eliminate childhood malnutrition in the U.S. and around the world. We all know what the picture of a malnourished child in a third world country looks like, but have you ever considered what that looks like here in the United States? In this country that shows up as an overfed and undernourished child, an obese child.

In the past we have considered it a third world problem, but it exists right here in our own back yard. It happens when a body doesn’t get the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs to develop properly. Being overfed and undernourished has become an increasing problem here due to modern farming practices, GMO foods, the fast food industry and processed foods.

If a child is malnourished their chance to live a long, healthy, and productive life is greatly diminished. It can affect their immune system , bone growth, and cognitive development. They could have lower IQ scores, learning disabilities, poor social skills, and decreased problem-solving capabilities – just to name a few. These kids are the future of our world. They depend on us.

As adults, we too, need the right amount of vitamins, minerals, and good nutrition to keep our tissues and organs functioning so we can live and perform at an optimal level. Our bodies are designed to crave food until they are properly nourished. In today’s world with our modern diets those needs are seldom met. As a result the cravings never stop. Today 2/3 of American Adults are overweight or obese. The modern day paradox is over-fed but undernourished.

EMSquared has products (Hope Complete, Immunaloe, Hope Bar, and Hope Reset Bar )that provide plant sourced, whole food nutrition that allows you to obtain the required daily values of micro-nutrients. According to the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee 75% of health care costs in this country could be eliminated through better nutrition. Are you ready to take action? Choose the highest quality standardized whole food product available and provide your body what it is craving!

And here’s the best part. When you choose the best you are also choosing the best for a child in need. Every time you choose to nourish yourself, our company will donate the exact same nutrition to a malnourished child in the U.S. or around the world. It’s the same concept as Tom’s shoes. Become a Champion for your own health and the health of a child.

Eight Things To Do When Counting Sheep Isn’t Working

counting sheepEight Things To Do When Counting Sheep Isn’t Working


If you’ve ever pulled a couple all nighters you know what sleep deprivation can do to your body.  In addition to being exhausted your mind doesn’t work as clearly and your patience level is definitely diminished! You may think you can sleep late on the week end and that will make up for it. Wrong! You can’t catch up on sleep. Will there be irreparable damage? Probably not from this one incident.  The body is an amazing machine capable of healing itself as long as you give it what it needs.  However, if you punish it for prolonged periods of time it may just eventually say, “I give up!” Then you have problems. Some of the issues that can arise from poor sleep habits are increased risks of obesity, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes, the loss of brain tissue, worsened metabolic/thyroid problems, lowered sperm count, and memory problems. )


While good health can be defined as the absence of disease, wellness (our ultimate goal) is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being. One of the essentials for wellness is proper amounts of sleep.  The new and updated guidelines from the National Sleep Foundation (recommend that adults 24-64 get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Seniors 65 and over need 7-8 hours of sleep.

We live in a hectic, over-stimulated, and stress filled world.  Many people are having major sleep issues.  Either they can’t fall asleep or they can’t stay asleep.

Here are some basic suggestions that will help you get a good night’s sleep:

  1. Make sure the room is totally dark.

It’s all about the natural circadian rhythms. Get some bright light outside during the day (preferably mid day). Dim the lights in the evening.

  1. Do not have a tv, computer, or cell phone in the room.

Electromagnetic devices disrupt the production of melatonin and serotonin. Keep your alarm clock as far away from the bed as possible.

  1. Make sure the room is cool.

Keep it 70 degrees or below. Use an extra blanket if necessary.

  1. Do not take your worries to bed with you.

Remind yourself that you can’t do anything about it right now anyway. Take the Scarlet O’Hara from Gone With The Wind approach and tell yourself you’ll think about that tomorrow!

  1. Have 30-60 minutes of down time before going to bed.

Follow the same routine each night. Do not watch the news or a suspense movie just before bed. Instead try meditating or writing in a gratitude journal. Make sure you are actually going to bed early enough to get the proper amount of sleep.

  1. No alcoholic beverages before bed.

They actually are a stimulant!

  1. Take a magnesium supplement or massage your feet with a magnesium oil just before bed.

Magnesium is a most powerful relaxation mineral and according to Dr. Carolyn Dean, who has studied magnesium for 15 years, about 70% of the population is deficient. (


  1. Close your eyes and focus on your breath.

Notice your breath going in and your breath going out. When thoughts pop into your head just start over and focus. You will go to sleep.

Sweet Dreams!

Last Soup Before Summer

Last Friday was rainy and chilly.  It just seemed like a soup kind of night.  It wasn’t quite cold enough for chili and  kale and white bean soup wasn’t what I wanted either. Besides I knew I cauliflower carrot corn chowderdidn’t have any kale. When I looked in the fridge I found a large cauliflower, carrots, and several ears of corn.  So I went in search of a recipe that would use those ingredients.  I made a few minor changes and this is the end result.  Normally, I wouldn’t blog about a recipe, I would just add it to the recipe of the month selections. However, when I got several inquiries I decided to go ahead and post it just in case there is one more soup kind of night.  If you like it – sign up for recipe of the month.Continue reading

Make Mud Pies

mud piesHave you ever had something your mother said years ago suddenly pop into your mind? It doesn’t seem to be related to anything going on at the moment –but there it is! Recently that happened to me. I could hear my mother saying, “God certainly takes care of those children!” To put it into context – there were some young children in our neighborhood who were always disheveled and unkempt. Their little outfits were wrinkled and stained. Shoes were not a part of their everyday wardrobe and it appeared the last time a brush had been through their hair was about a week before. The smudges of dirt on their angelic little faces seemed to be permanent, and yet they smiled, played happily outside and NEVER seemed to get sick.

Yes, you could say God was taking care of them, but not in the way we would usually visualize that happening. We have been provided with an amazing abundance of all things we need to live healthy and prosper. One big component of that is dirt and the microbes in the dirt! (Probably not where you thought this was going).Continue reading

Do You Honor Yourself?

It’s been a couple weeks since I watched Oprah interview Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of The Four Agreements and even though I read the book years ago, I’ve been rehashing that interview segment ever since. His book is actually on my website’s list of recommended books (under resources). Why? Because it deals with that aspect of health and wellness that has nothing to do with food or exercise but a way of living that can lead us to happiness and love.

Something Oprah admitted got me to re-examine my take on and implementation of The First Agreement – Be Impeccable with Your Word. Basically, I am spot on and have no difficulty with that agreement – as long as it involves someone else. If I have said I will do something, come hell or high water, I will do it! Here’s the rub. That, for me, (and for Oprah too apparently) is a whole lot easier than doing what I said I would do when it involves me.

Continue reading

VIDEO: New Year’s Goal-Setting With Your Spirit

Will your New Year’s Resolution out live the month of January?

A tradition that many people still follow is setting New Year’s Resolutions and/or Goals.  Why is it those good intentions are frequently short lived?  Melanie Jade Rummel is a friend of mine and I think she has the answer.  Watch her video below, go through her guided meditation,  and learn how you can set goals that are important to you and who you are.

New Year’s Goal-Setting With Your Spirit by Melanie Jade Rummel

Full article: http://melaniejaderummel.com/video-new-years-goal-setting-with-your-spirit/

9 Tips For Guiltless Holiday Fun

As the New Year gets closer you notice there are 5 more parties on your calendar.  Last year after the big 3 (November, December, and January) you were depressed, overwhelmed with guilt, and dreading the effort it would take to resurrect the body you had before the holidays.  It’s never too late to start and even though we are more than half way through the big 3, here are a few tips to help you enjoy the next 5 parties without guilt.Continue reading

Things I Learned From Watching My Dog!


Meet Maddie, our 12-year-old Jack Russell. It was about two weeks before Christmas 12 years ago, late in the evening, when my husband called everyone into the family room for a pre-Christmas surprise. He then presented this tiny little puppy to me as my Christmas present. I’m still not sure why he chose a puppy as a gift, but I do know I didn’t react nicely. Upon having the squirmy little puppy put into my arms I looked up and said, “But I wanted a camera.” I did get my camera on Christmas Eve, but I now also had a new puppy. If you know anything about Jack Russells, you know they have boundless energy and can jump to unbelievable heights. They definitely have a mind of their own. I even bought the complete set of DVDs from the Dog Whisperer. However, that doesn’t work unless everyone is on board. Needless to say, the first six years had me overwhelmed at the fact that these dogs live to be 20. I’m happy to say, at 12, she has calmed considerably and is much more obedient—definitely due to her own choosing.

I’m sure almost everyone, at some point, has heard the list of benefits of owning a dog. These benefits include, but are not limited to, lowering cholesterol, lessening stress and anxiety, mood lifting, and decreased blood pressure. In addition, as dog owners we exercise more, keep more active, have someone to care for (a purpose in life), and experience physical contact—ever so important for physical and emotional health.Continue reading