I wholeheartedly recommend Peg!

She is very passionate about her work—you sense right away that this is something she loves to do. With all interactions I have with her, she’s always punctual, well prepared, and very thorough with her knowledge and instruction. Working with her has been extremely beneficial in improving my health!

Rachael Richter

“As you know, I was not a believer in the beginning but with your help I now am more aware of the food I eat and choices I make because of your guidance. My way of eating and what I eat has changed due to your guidance.  Thank you for your patience, guidance and understanding.  Best investment I have ever made. Thank you Coach Peg. Never want to be without your help.”  Phyllis Slaght 3/20/2017

jo bethI wanted to share my experience with Peg McKenna’s “Eat Like Your Life Depends on It” program. During the initial 14 day program I was successful in losing 7 pounds and a total of 8” in overall body measurements. There were several things that I really appreciated about the program.

The most important thing for me was the simplicity of the program. There were several things that made it an easy program to follow. The first thing that was a huge help is that Peg did a great job providing specific instructions, recipes for each day and even a shopping list. It couldn’t be any easier.
The second thing that I appreciated is that using the bars twice a day in the place of meals made it super easy to follow the program. The bars had a great flavor and when eaten with a full glass of water, as suggested, they were filling enough to satisfy.
One of the most difficult things in eating a healthy diet, for me, is the time required to shop, plan, and cook. It is extremely difficult to eat healthy while on the go. The bars are so convenient that it is truly easy to stick to the program. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs a perfect jump start onto an improved healthy eating plan.
Thanks Peg for all your help.
JoBeth Martin, Canton, Georgia

peter gibson“I have consulted with Peg McKenna about health issues for several years. Her depth of knowledge, wisdom, and genuine concern for others’ well-being has been a guiding force. Peg doesn’t just teach health she is a glaring, rich, example of it too”. Peter G, Roswell, Ga.

Pat pic“Highly recommend Peg McKenna for all things natural!  She is experienced in her field and keeps abreast of new developments.  I have found her easy to work with and truly concerned about helping and educating others.”
Pat H., St. Simons Island

stephanie“Peg is an invaluable resource for your health and wellness needs. The plethora of tips she provides based on your individual needs WILL change the way you feel for the better as well as help you focus on the bigger picture. Her nutrition expertise will have you eating what your body needs without the feeling that you are missing out. Not much for exercising? Her advice will help you get it done without realizing you are doing it! But it’s not just about the nutrition and exercise. It’s also about the mental aspects of your life. She helps you get on track, stay on track, and feel as a whole.” Stephanie Anderson, Tampa, Florida

“During one of Peg’s recent presentations I was reminded about my own path of health and self-care. While I take care of myself I discovered with Peg some tweaks that would benefit me greatly.  No matter what you think or feel about yourself ; Peg’s knowledge, her ability to transfer the information and her gentle nature found me very appreciative of her offerings.  Give yourself the chance to meet and speak with Peg.  You will feel better from that conversation and I trust you will learn more about yourself.”   Nanette-Atlanta.