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I am proud and excited to announce that I have partnered with EMSquared and the Hope Bar Project to eliminate childhood malnutrition in the U.S. and around the world. We all know what the picture of a malnourished child in a third world country looks like, but have you ever considered what that looks like here in the United States? In this country that shows up as an overfed and undernourished child, an obese child.

In the past we have considered it a third world problem, but it exists right here in our own back yard. It happens when a body doesn’t get the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs to develop properly. Being overfed and undernourished has become an increasing problem here due to modern farming practices, GMO foods, the fast food industry and processed foods.

If a child is malnourished their chance to live a long, healthy, and productive life is greatly diminished. It can affect their immune system , bone growth, and cognitive development. They could have lower IQ scores, learning disabilities, poor social skills, and decreased problem-solving capabilities – just to name a few. These kids are the future of our world. They depend on us.

As adults, we too, need the right amount of vitamins, minerals, and good nutrition to keep our tissues and organs functioning so we can live and perform at an optimal level. Our bodies are designed to crave food until they are properly nourished. In today’s world with our modern diets those needs are seldom met. As a result the cravings never stop. Today 2/3 of American Adults are overweight or obese. The modern day paradox is over-fed but undernourished.

EMSquared has products (Hope Complete, Immunaloe, Hope Bar, and Hope Reset Bar )that provide plant sourced, whole food nutrition that allows you to obtain the required daily values of micro-nutrients. According to the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee 75% of health care costs in this country could be eliminated through better nutrition. Are you ready to take action? Choose the highest quality standardized whole food product available and provide your body what it is craving!

And here’s the best part. When you choose the best you are also choosing the best for a child in need. Every time you choose to nourish yourself, our company will donate the exact same nutrition to a malnourished child in the U.S. or around the world. It’s the same concept as Tom’s shoes. Become a Champion for your own health and the health of a child.

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