I bought our vitamix several years ago and now wonder how I ever functioned in the kitchen without it.  This machine is incredibly versatile and the food prep options are endless.  I think it is an essential tool in creating a healthy lifestyle with whole food recipes.  Do some research, check it out.  If you decide to add this amazing tool to your kitchen equipment I promise you won’t regret it.




This little gadget is indispensible in my kitchen – I use it every day! It works to easily grate cheese, zest a lemon, or grate a garlic clove.


stainless steel jelly roll pan

Stainless Steel Jellyroll Pan

I got rid of my aluminum cookie sheet years ago. Most importantly because it was aluminum and secondly – it looked awful no matter how much I scrubbed it. This pan is not limited to baking desserts. I use it to cook bacon in the oven, for garlic bread, to roast vegetables, to make sweet potato fries. The options are limitless!


cast iron skillets

Cast Iron Skillets

I actually inherited all but one of my skillets (the biggest one) and am so very glad because they came well seasoned. A well seasoned cast iron skillet is a joy to cook with. It is great for browning meat, making skillet dishes (all ingredients in one pan), the perfect size for Irish soda bread, and my favorite – the perfect over easy egg. (I’ll have to consider a video tutorial on that).