I Was A Fraud!

I have been a wellness coach for over 15 years. When I speak in public I always say I’m a lover of all things natural. This last year, every time I made that statement I always got a little twinge. I knew in my heart that wasn’t TOTALLY true. Even though I educate about organic food and getting toxins out of our lives, there was one toxin I was holding on to. I guess vanity had something to do with it. We all want to look our best and present a good image. For me, that meant coloring my hair. I had found a hair dresser I really liked who used a product as close to organic as he could get. However, it wasn’t organic and there were still ingredients I couldn’t pronounce – which is the first clue that it probably isn’t good for you. This angst went on for at least 6 months. It’s the “living a lie” thing. And then it happened! I was thrown into a decision that would change all of this.

I had gone to the hairdresser to get a root touch up. On the way home I noticed my scalp felt hot. It’s about a 45 minute drive from the salon to my house. Once I got home the heat was suddenly accompanied by severe itching. It was unbearable. I tried everything. At first I just thought maybe he hadn’t rinsed the dye out good enough. So I scrubbed my head with shampoo – twice. No relief! Then I tried baking soda. In spite of both these efforts, the horrible burning and itching continued. The next attempt at relief was rinsing with vinegar. No help. With almost uncontrollable pain and itching I grabbed a couple of aloe leafs from my plant and cut them open to get out the miracle of the aloe gel. I was beside myself and couldn’t believe it – nothing was working. I was desperate. I knew there was no sleeping in this condition. I gave in and took a Benedryl. I did get some rest that night, but in the morning the torture resumed. This went on for a week with me resorting to Benedryl every night just to get some rest. Finally the itching and burning calmed enough for me to function. Notice I said “calmed”! The burning and itching was followed with my scalp shedding – almost like the effects of a peeling sunburn. It took one month for everything to settle down, but I did still have a scalp issue – now like dandruff. A friend later told me that his cousin, who happens to be a tv star, had a similar reaction to hair dye and ended up in the hospital. When I was doing some research as I was scratching away, I learned that this is a typical outcome of an allergic reaction to hair dye. Even worse, I learned that it can even cause death! Wow! What a wake up call. Decision made! No more chemical hair color. What to do? What to do? I started looking and doing research, but was always coming up empty handed. Then one day, and unfortunately I don’t remember how it all happened, I read about a product that was totally natural. In fact, made from nuts, seeds, and berries, it was touted as being able to turn grey hair back to a person’s natural color. I wasn’t quite sure what that was at this stage in my life – but I was willing to find out. (Turns out I actually like my natural color). The name of the company is HairPrint. I have been using it for over 6 months. I definitely wanted to make sure it was as good as they advertised before I put my stamp of approval on it. It is everything I was hoping for. The scientist who invented it, Dr. John Warner, also co-founded a scientific discipline called Green Chemistry. Green Chemistry uses benign non-toxic molecules rather than synthetic chemicals. In 2014 he was awarded the Perkin medal, one of the most prestigious awards in chemistry. Scientists and their discoveries always amaze me. They seem to observe the most unlikely things and then come up with a great discovery. Dr. Warner is no different. He got his idea for all of this by observing a beetle. As a beetle grows it sheds it’s ecoskeleton and gets a new one which starts out soft and white. In a couple hours the skeleton becomes hard and black, which is a result of melanin. In short, melanin is also responsible for the color of human hair. Voila – a new product is born! So much for the science lesson. Bottom line is it works and I love it and my hair loves it. Try it for yourself. Use this link to get a 15% discount on your first order: http://hairprint.refr.cc/pegmckenna

Unfortunately (sorry if I got you all excited) they don’t have a product YET for red heads or blonds. Dark, Brown, and Light brown are the three options currently available. They also have a product for men. Recently, they’ve added a shampoo and conditioner line. The only one I have tried so far is the Bamboo shampoo. In fact, I just ordered it for a second time. I am excited about this product and I hope you will be too.

Now I can say, without any hesitation, that I am a lover of all things natural.

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